Work Rewards

As remote work continues, what other non-financial rewards does your team want?

As firms shift to operating in a “work from home” economy, it’s now more important than ever for leaders to create connections and engagement with their employees. Each individual is naturally motivated by rewards, both financial and non-financial. Business DNA zeroes in on the non-financial rewards based on the employee’s unique DNA.

Business DNA leverages research and sophisticated algorithms to identify the unique work rewards that individuals have.

Identify the Work Rewards that Make Your Team Tick:

Business DNA measures 500+ behavioral insights that represent virtually every human habit; learn what makes your team wake up each day, get excited to work each day, and the work rewards to make this a repeatable pattern.

Examples of Business DNA Work Rewards:

  • Sense of achievement
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Career progression
  • Leadership position
  • Personal growth

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The Business DNA Hiring Report for Leader and Employee Selection and Role Alignment

Are you looking for a coach to help you design work rewards for your team?

Starting with the measurement of 500+ behavioral insights, coaches in the DNA Coach Network work with leaders looking to engage their employees and incentivize them to get the best results. Leverage a team of certified coaches and in-depth behavioral insights to power your leadership and motivate others.

Crafting Special Projects and Stretch Opportunities

In a fast-changing, fast-paced business world, teams often need to take on special assignments or one time projects to pivot and keep up with the needs of the organization.  Do you know which of your team members will feel rewarded with an opportunity?  Do you know how to use his/her strengths and desires to provide them with work they find meaningful? Our Work Rewards allow you to start better conversations with your team around what would feel like a reward and provide a positive employment experience. While that special project may feel like a burden to you – it could be just the reward your new team member is looking for to stand out and shine and feel more connected to the team and organization.

Leadership Behavior DNA Book

A Platform that Helped Write the Book on Leadership:

Grounded in statistical research and supported by data from millions of clients and more than 45 years of workplace experience, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie reveal their personal stories and how they’ve successfully helped organizations achieve their goals by applying practical insights on human design.