Team Performance

Could your team be performing at a higher level?

The path to high team performance begins with an awareness of how each of us is different. Communicating with each member on their terms is grounded in honest appraisal and feedback that requires trust between team members and leadership.

Leaders that leverage Business DNA are taught a 6-Pillar system for DNA Team Performance:

  1. Leader Review:
    For the leader to understand their natural leadership talents to build a healthy team and identify the team issues for increasing productivity
  2. Team Member Review:
    For each individual team member to understand their natural talents for performing their role in the team
  3. Team Meeting:
    A team meeting to align the team for greater productivity to achieve team goals
  4. Team Relationships:
    Each team member can learn how to adapt their communication to engage and interact with others in the team
  5. Leader Coaching:
    For the leader to effectively lead and coach each team member based on their unique talents
  6. Team Monitoring:
    Quarterly team reviews to monitor team performance and health

From the DNA Blog:

In any team, there will be those who passionately and tenaciously bring a vision to completion. Others will be spontaneous, creative, and challenge conventional ideas. And there will be those whose experiences and behaviors cross-pollinate, bringing unique perspectives and approaches to work in different functional areas. Read more.

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Business DNA Work Talents Report

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The DNA Platform delivers a range of reports to measure and share the unique talents and working styles of individuals, in small projects, or organizational-wide. Prepare quick, summarized team reports or organizational-wide, in-depth analysis with the Business DNA team report generation tool.

Is your team prepared to perform in this new virtual world?

Business DNA is helping teams transform into the new virtual world, where Zoom and Slack are kings and “wfh” is not just a trend, but an expectation. Is your organization prepared?

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