Team Compatibility

How does your team combine to operate together?

In any team, there will be those who passionately and tenaciously bring a vision to completion. Others will be spontaneous, creative, and challenge conventional ideas. And there will be those whose experiences and behaviors cross-pollinate, bringing unique perspectives and approaches to work in different functional areas.

Finding Team Balance to Build Team Compatibility:

Teams with the highest potential for becoming top-performing teams are those that have strengths in all behavioral areas. Where one player is keen on creativity, another is strong on operationalizing new ideas to make them scalable and repeatable. Where one is good with detailed planning, another should be good at the following instinct when the plan gets stuck. With the DNA Behavior team report, you can quickly see and share where your team strengths are and where you may have behavioral gaps that could be important to fill.

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In-depth Reporting for Team Compatibility:

In addition to creating a balance of strengths on a team, our team report helps you to see where you will need to manage extreme behavioral differences among team members.  While leveraging everyone’s strengths is ideal, that requires team members to respect and honor differences in styles and to understand they may struggle with tasks that come quickly to another team member. The team report allows teams to review and discuss strengths and needs with each other to form strong teams that leverage and manage their behavioral differences.

Powerful, team reporting combines all of the behaviors of team members and helps leaders predict how the members will operate as a unit. Business DNA measures 200+ behavioral insights revealing virtually every human habit. In-depth Business DNA Team Reports reveal these insights on an individual and team basis.

Imagine if your team was combined to one person, what personality style would they have? The Business DNA Team Reports provide a unique blend of all of the styles of team members as if they were one person.

Business DNA Team Report used for Team Compatibility

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