Team Communication

What is your communication style?

Do you find yourself needing more information or less? Do you need more graphics and visuals or more numbers? Each person has their preferred way of communicating. Business DNA was founded on the idea that if we can make these insights available to individuals on-demand, our workplaces would operate much more efficiently.

Communication insights for everyday use:

When having a critical conversation with an employee, the setting, and the way the message is received will drive the mood of the discussion. DNA Insights uncover individual communication styles and how they interact. Firms leverage out-of-the-box Business DNA reports included in our subscription packages and insights available in the DNA API to identify the right way to communicate with employees at the right time.

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Powering Leader Employee Communications with Behavioral Insights:

How do you prefer to connect with employees? On the phone? Email? Web meeting? In-person meetings? Just as you have a preference, so do your employees. DNA insights predict the best method for leader employee communications. For instance, a short phone call, a lengthy in-person meeting, or a quick email with bullet points.

Business DNA Work Talents Report

Communicating to Employees:

Business DNA helps leaders increase confidence that they can engage employees on their terms with objective data. This important data can ensure the leader is framing questions to ensure compatibility and improve financial and life decisions. Explore the power of comparison with the Business DNA Comparison Report.

Are you looking for a coach to help you with your team communication?

Work with a Coach to develop clear messages to your team based on behavioral insights. Understand the needs, frequency, and format of messaging by the various communication styles.