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Do you have a talent development plan in the new virtual age?

Your team’s best work will come out when they are using natural talents. Does your talent development plan take into account each team member’s individual differences? With objective knowledge of yourself, you’re better able to authentically work and grow into a better coworker, leader, and person outside of work. Likewise, understanding yourself gives you a much better basis to understand and manage others.

With more than 30 years of research and experience in developing an individual’s workplace talents. DNA Behavior has developed the tools and facilitation processes to give teams and individuals a glimpse of their unique talents. Our in-depth reports provide your specific scores as well as a development plan.  Participants are lead through an individual process with a certified coach or consultant and then encouraged to share the results with others.

Leaders say you are responsible for your own career and career growth. If you aren’t sure where to start, Business DNA can help by providing you insights and language to talk about your strengths and struggles and to shape a career that brings out the best you have to offer.

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Business DNA Work Talents Report

A Strengths-Based Reporting Mechanism

The Business DNA Work Talents Report focuses on the strengths of each individual and provides a glimpse of each individual’s unique working style.

Your team’s talents are the greatest source of their productivity:

Manage the unique talents of all employees inside your business, learn more by watching our video ” Behaviorally SMART Talent Management”.


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