Operational Risks

Can you pinpoint the rogues inside your business?

Rogues. Most businesses have them; few businesses can identify them to mitigate operational risks. Using behavioral science, our researchers have linked rogue behaviors such as theft, sabotage, shrinkage, and data leaks to specific behavioral data points and trends.

DNA Behavior’s Operational Risk Management Platform helps companies uncover personality traits that can cause operational risks, then help re-position, re-align, and develop those talents to fit company goals and culture best.

Work with a behavioral coach or consultant to mitigate risk and build the corporate culture for yielding more accurate forecasts of human risks. Ultimately, this approach drives more employee productivity and engagement for both your employees and clients.

What can identifying behavioral operational risks do for your business?

  • Identify up to 5% of employees and advisors who cause significant security and compliance risks
  • Reduce human risks to the quality of your security programs by spending on behavioral insights
  • Uncover negative outlier behavior before it is triggered, providing added protection

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Measuring Operational Risks Starts with Natural Behavior

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Your team’s talents are the greatest source of their productivity:

Inside any business are rogue employees. Our research shows that upwards of 5% of employees at a firm have the potential to be rogue if triggered by a certain life, work, or financial circumstance causing extreme financial pressure or lack of recognition. Business DNA helps identify specific personality traits that are likely to be rogue in an organization so the risks can be managed.

From the DNA Blog: “Preventing Rogue Employees Circumventing the Board”

No longer is the outlier employee just the one kicking against management, stealing corporate intellectual property or actual property. Its the one destroying the company reputation on social media. Its the one sitting at home and trashing individual executives reputation using inappropriate language. Its the one setting up unauthorized and potentially damaging hashtags. Read more.