Is your onboarding process ‘one-size fits all’?

Drive efficiency during the onboarding process by customizing the experience for each employee. With our behavioral insights included in the DNA API or Business DNA packages, you can quickly know how to present information to your new hire to get them up and running even faster, feeling more understood, and comfortable in the process.

While you may have standard information to share with your new hires, how you share it will make a big difference in how they understand and put it to use. If you are using a one size fits all approach to onboarding employees, or haven’t given your hiring managers guidelines on how to help get new employees feeling confident and engaged quickly, Business DNA can help.

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Once behaviors are uncovered, decisions can be made on how best to onboard stars and talent. If the business needs their skillset, there will be work to be done to use the personality data to integrate them into their teams. Read more.

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Business DNA Work Talents Report

The Business DNA Work Talents Report:

Businesses deploy Business DNA in their onboarding process to measure and share the unique talents and working styles of everyone in their team. Introduce new team members in a whole new way by sharing Business DNA insights.

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People who are engaged at work are passionate about what they do.
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