Is your team a unique blend of talents or copies of yourself?

For years, there has been a consistent message to CEOs on hiring “Don’t hire yourself. Just because the interview went well and you connected, does not mean your candidate will translate to a good hire.” While this message has been heard by CEOs, firms continue to lack the tools for managers across the organizational structure to apply these same principals in a practical and scalable way.

Since 2001 leaders have leveraged behavioral insights to remove the guesswork in the hiring process. Leaders leverage Business DNA to drive smarter, behaviorally driven, hiring.

Research shows that aptitude and personality assessments increase the accuracy of a successful hire by up to 53%. Using behavioral insights, such as those included in the Business DNA Packages, in conjunction with smart interviewing can reduce your cost in retaining employees because you get a good fit from the start.

Business DNA provides powerful behavioral insights to identify and predict the strengths, struggles, and work habits for all job applicants and how they will fit with your corporate culture. Work with a behavioral coach or consultant to benchmark applicants against over 1,000 benchmarks to determine their behavioral fit to a particular role and your organization.

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Access behavioral insights, interview questions, and key role benchmarks to practically apply behavior science in your hiring process.

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From the DNA Blog:
“What You See May Not Be What You Get”
Keep in mind that candidates will have a mixture of natural, learned, and cognitive behaviors. These insights are measurable and, using a validated tool, can be revealed at the outset of the hiring process. Still, it isn’t enough to fill a vacancy. The fit to the team, the organization, the culture, and the up-line management, are significantly more important than the skill set a candidate brings to the table. Read more.