Corporate Culture

How could your corporate culture benefit from behavioral science?

Business is about people. Harvard Research shows that 87% of business issues are people related. So, to succeed in business, we must understand the human behavioral styles of ourselves and different people.

On this basis, it is clear understanding human nature is at the core of building a sustainable corporate culture. A great business strategy and strong financial management will be for nothing if the corporate culture is weak, and going with that; the different human behaviors are not harnessed. By getting this right, you will positively impact your bottom line, employee retention, and overall corporate perception.

Using a behavioral science approach will help align the business plan to the motivations of every team member, thereby unlocking the ability to outperform. This is what we call the inside-out business approach of “understanding people before numbers.”

There are many aspects to creating and maintaining a strong corporate culture. Companies that are intentional about creating a culture and holding people accountable to the behaviors that demonstrate and reinforce that culture is the ones that consistently score at the top of best places to work lists.

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Building a Strong Corporate Culture Foundation with Business DNA

Business DNA helps businesses ensure everyone is placed in a role that is a fit for their talents based on who they are and improves the management of differences.

We Believe Every Business Should have a Behavioral Science Division

We believe every business should have a behavioral science division, and in fact, Business DNA plays a third-party role for some firms in this capacity.

At the intersection of culture, people, customer experience, big data, AI, machine learning, etc. a robust organization must exist. Leaders are beginning to see the next overlay will need to connect all of these elements. That is a Behavioral Science Officer or behavioral science team’s role. We know that people approach and understand things differently and communicate in myriad ways. That’s what is driving leaders to envision some sort of coordinated effort that leverages behavioral data on a scalable basis across disparate areas of their business.

If you want to cultivate a strong people culture in your organization, Business DNA can help. Defining the culture you want to have, analyzing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and then understanding the people you hire, how they will naturally behave and how to encourage and develop the best in them is a strong start.

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From the DNA Blog: “Corporate Culture, It Starts at the Top”

Often in business, the way forward is not or but and. That is, not abandoning one cornerstone for another; rather, adding other building blocks as necessary. It’s the cumulative approach that can streamline savvy organizations that are able to move beyond the fear of adding additional elements or layers.