What communication method is best for each employee on your team?

Each person has a preferred way of communicating and getting things done. If this information was known across your organization, would that make everyone more effective?

DNA Behavior was founded on the concept that behavior should always be front and center and never stuffed into a desk drawer. That’s why if you visit many of our client’s home offices, you’ll see signs of each of the team member’s unique DNA styles all over our desks – as a reminder to our co-workers to create the unique environment that makes us comfortable. Going further, employees are communicating and interacting with each client in the way which unlocks them to engage and trust you more.

Using Business DNA and our communication insights, you can customize experiences for your clients and employees. You will get specific actions to take to match each style. Including:

  • How to set up a meeting room to be most comfortable for your client/employee
  • How to start a conversation
  • The level of detail/information will he/she need
  • Specific things for you to do to flex your style to match theirs

In addition, we can help you understand various tools for communication that can be helpful with each team member.

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Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

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7 Methods to Manage Introverts

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The way teams are communicating is different in our new virtual world

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