Business DNA API

The Business DNA API is a component of the overall DNA API suite. It leverages the technology behind Natural Behavior to reliably measure 200+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit. Add a human element to your data with details on the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

Every person’s DNA is unique. Access all of the powerful insights of Business DNA through an open API to deliver customized experiences in your app, platform, or business.

Insights Included in the Business DNA API:

  • Leadership
    Leadership can get derailed when leaders allow their natural behaviors to take over due to financial stress, pressure, and emotions. Access key behavioral insights such as a leader’s trust, delegation, or natural communication style.
  • Hiring For Talent
    Research shows that aptitude and personality assessments increase the accuracy of a successful hire by up to 53%. The DNA API delivers key insights such as Desired Tasks based on Talents, Desired Team Roles, Desired Work Environment, and Desired Work Rewards. Pair these powerful insights with behavioral driven interview questions to transform hiring processes.
  • Onboarding
    Drive efficiency during the onboarding process by customizing the experience for each employee. With our behavioral insights included in the Business DNA API, you can quickly know how to present information to your new hire to get them up and running even faster, feeling more understood, and comfortable in the process.
  • Talent Development
    Leaders say you are responsible for your own career and career growth. If you aren’t sure where to start, Business DNA can help by providing you insights and language to talk about your strengths and struggles and to shape a career that brings out the best you have to offer.
  • Team Performance
    The path to high team performance begins with an awareness of how each of us is different. Leverage the DNA API to measure all aspects of Work Talents between all staff members. Leverage data and graphs in the Business DNA Team Reports as inspiration or create your own team experiences with 200+ behavioral insights.
  • Communication
    Using Business DNA and our communication insights, you can customize experiences for your clients and employees. You will get specific actions to take to match each style. Including: How to set up a meeting room to be most comfortable for your client/employee, how to start a conversation, The level of detail/information will he/she need, and specific things for you to do to flex your style to match theirs.
  • Sales & Client Engagement
    Identify key qualities in your sales team such as listening, making quick decisions, influencing, negotiating, and working independently. Power your sales team with key communication, segment, and presentation needs of clients to increase your sales by 23%.
  • Corporate Culture
    Harvard research has found that human nature is at the core of building a sustainable corporate culture. By leveraging the right data in your platform or business, you can positively impact your bottom line, employee retention, and overall corporate perception.

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